The Vessel Series Trailer


The Vessel Series Trailer

The Vessel series “Conception” trailer.

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Original music by James Jones.

The cast includes: Lily Brown, Giovanni Bienne, Phillip Whiteman, Shazia Mirza, Louise Jameson, Robin Soans, Nicholas Anscombe, Luke Courtier, Tim Pritchett, Rob Ostlere and Daphne Kouma.

The Vessel received first prize at The Raindance Film Festival 2011 for best web series pilot.

Whats the biggest favour you could ask your best friend?

Mike and Rory are a gay couple who ask their best friend, Kim, to be their surrogate. This is her journey…

All told from Kim POV we never see her face but as the audience, we are rooted firmly in her shoes experiencing first hand what must be for most, a very alien experience.

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