Philip Roth obituary

Poignantly humane novelist set on emancipating American literature from respectability “I write fiction,” warned Philip Roth, “and I’m told it’s autobiography. I write autobiography and I’m told it’s fiction, so […]

Sir Roger Elliott obituary

Specialist in theoretical physics who investigated the structure of matter On Roger Elliott’s 60th birthday, a conference in his honour displayed beneath his photograph the title: “Disorder in Condensed Matter […]

Per Kirkeby obituary

Danish artist whose paintings oscillate between abstraction and landscape Per Kirkeby, who has died aged 79, was one of the great experimenters of the so-called neo-expressionist style of painting. Alongside […]

Khurshid Drabu obituary

Britain’s first Muslim judge who worked hard to promote interfaith understanding Khurshid Drabu, who has died aged 72, was Britain’s first Muslim judge, holding senior posts on immigration and asylum […]

Tom Murphy obituary

Irish playwright who raged against ‘Christian fascism’ and explored the themes of emigration and identity in his work When Tom Murphy’s first major play, A Whistle in the Dark (1961), […]